Kentucky Bluegrass Lamb

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Littledove Kentucky Bluegrass Lamb, all-natural, grass-fed, and entirely pasture-raised, is grown and processed in Kentucky without artificial additives of any kind. Shetland lamb is superior to ordinary commercial lamb and better even than that of other traditional breeds.

We use sustainable agriculture practices throughout our farm, raising healthy sheep in a healthy environment. Our pastures are seeded with bluegrass and clover and are maintained without added fertilizer. We graze our sheep rotationally and maintain a low stocking rate, keeping pastures fresh and building muscle on our lambs.

Our sheep are raised on this bluegrass pasture, grain, & hay with no artificial additives, antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs. They are on pasture their entire lives and are never confined to any kind of feedlot. We have been enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program for several years; our flock is examined and certified healthy annually by the USDA veterinarian.

We use Boone’s Butcher Shop in Bardstown, Kentucky, to process our meat; no additives of any kind are used in processing. Boone’s is USDA certified, they have humane handling facilities, and they can custom-process lambs to order.

Beginning Spring 2012, our friend and fellow local farmer Patrick Kennedy of Stone Cross Farm will be distributing all of our Littledove Kentucky Bluegrass lamb. To place an order, please contact Patrick directly at

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